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Welcome to Ann's (mostly) SCOUT Page!!


Hi and welcome to my page.  My name is Ann and my page is mostly devoted to my scouting activities.  I have 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls) and all of them were in scouting programs.  I currently lead one group and want to make it easier to get information to the parents and their scouts.  My goal in these web pages is to allow parents to check here to keep informed about meetings, outings, and awards we are working on.  I am excited about the computer access that we now have and am looking forward to all the opportunities that computers will provide to us in the future.  Look around, enjoy yourself.  The site is kid-friendly, but parents may want to turn the volume down or off as they peruse my pages!  You have been warned!

 This link  will access Pack 51 information and activities. 

 This link accesses the Den's activity calendar, and all sorts of den stuff.       

This link accesses varying Girl Scout 310 troop information.

My personal's my life...

  I have taken the motto 'Where do you want to go today" literally.  In my endeavor to self-teach myself about the internet and computers, I have tried to head off into completely different 'worlds' occasionally as I surf.  As a result, I have found many interesting sites that I would love to share.  I am sure I will be adding more as time goes by, and dropping some, but they are all fascinating in some way.  They are all appropriate for family viewing so enjoy!

  My silly Halloween page.  You've seen the Hamster Dance - check out my Trick or Treat Dance!!  

  Den 1 of Pack 51 presents it's very own Dancing Page!!!

BIRD SEARCH Try this SILLY bird search!!

BIRD TEST    Or try out your identification skills with this test!

Plant ID    Girl Scout plant identification pages for Camporee - Study On!! 

Animated Knots     The 42nd Brighton Scout Group of Sussex, UK has animated knots!  Check out the Bowline and Clove Hitch!


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