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            This page is mostly for Den1 of Pack 51.

                       I will include upcoming activities, an email link,

                       and input from my den of 2nd year Webelos. 


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At a recent den meeting we played a game that consisted of splitting the den into 2 groups.  Each group was handed a bandana.  The goal was to come up with as many uses as possible for a bandana in 5 minutes.  The competition was stiff, and very, very creative!  What follows are a few of the clever ideas they came up with.  An easy, fun game!

Wet it and put it around your neck Put it over your mouth to keep dust out
Use it as a hair scrunchie Use as a bandage
Use as a hat or hair cover Use it as a fancy dog collar
Dry off on it Use it as a sling for a hurt arm
Dry your tears with it Use it as a napkin
Use it as a blindfold Use it to pick up dirty, disgusting stuff
Fill with ice for an icepack It can be a neckerchief
Use it for magic tricks It could be a diaper
Can be used as a book cover Or use it as fabric for another project...