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Campout Packing List

A few bits of advice:  Ok - LOTS of advice...but you didn't have to pay for it!  

Packing list

This list is mostly a guide: use your best judgment as to what you and your child(ren) should bring!

Personal items

Bring a bag dinner and drinks for Friday night in camp for everyone in your family. All other meals provided up to Sunday breakfast.

Cubs need to wear uniform at camp (at least the shirt - I realize the neckerchief and slide often fall off and get lost).

In addition, pack 1 more short sleeved shirt (that would be 2 shirts for non-scouts).

Long pants - 1 pair or 2.

Shorts - optional

Shoes - wear sturdy athletic shoe types.  An extra pair is a great idea.  No sandals in camp.

Socks and underwear - one set for each day you'll be there.  If you plan on being there all 3 days, that's a clean set per day and 1 extra!

Jacket or sweatshirt.  Now that it's cooled down....

Hat - cubs use your scout hat.  Not a required item, but a good idea.

Sleeping clothes - sweat shirt and pants are the best - warm and easy to wear AND you can get out of your tent in them!

Toiletries - put them all in a ziplock bag.  If they leak, your shirt still stays clean!  Include: toothpaste, toothbrush, comb or brush, chapstick, soap (in a soapbox or another ziplock bag).  Optional: hand cream.  Recommended: bug repellant, sun screen.  There are no showers. Other adult stuff: deodorant, shaving gear, etc.


Pocketknife preferably on a lanyard or with a case.  Remember - don't open without permission.

Scout book with your name in it.  

Flashlight (one per person).  CHECK THE BATTERIES IN THE DARK BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME.  Bring extra batteries!

A plastic grocery bag or 2 (for dirty or wet clothes).

Compass (if you have one)

Eating gear: Unbreakable dish, cup, bowl, fork, knife, spoon (with your names on them!).  You can use paper plates, but we prefer the boys learn how to conserve our resources and how to wash dishes properly!

Water bottle with your name on it.  One per person.

Cubs might want to bring a day pack with scout book, pencil, water bottle, flashlight, compass and other stuff we might need during the day in there.  

Optional:  Camera, toys for smaller siblings, sunglasses, folding chair. And teddy or other favorite stuffed animal! 


Camping gear

A tent (or tents) big enough for your family. Don't forget stakes and rain fly in case the weather changes.

Tarp to put under the tent. 

Sleeping bag.

Optional pad or air mattress for under the sleeping bag.  You can also use folded blankets for the kids.  They'll be warmer and more comfortable if you bring one. 

Extra blankets (?)


   There are portable toilets there.  No showers but running water.  Water will be boiled at mealtimes for washing and coffee.